The Estate and Vineyard

I am a small Sancerre winemaker (owner and harvester) and I cultivate my 3,80 hectares Sauvignon Blanc vineyard on the AOC (appellation d’origine contrôlée) slopes of Sancerre.
I’m from a family of Sancerre winemakers and I learned the art of winemaking with my uncles before starting my own winery 20 years ago. My production is limited, unique (due to my manner of harvesting and the size of my vineyard) and in continual evolution.

I harvest my vineyard by hand only

The harvest usually takes place toward the end of September or beginning of October and is always a very exciting and special time of year for us. The grapes are picked and placed in small 80 liter containers which protect them until they arrive at the press.            

I devote special attention to vineyard management – always with the respect of nature and tradition foremost in my mind. Organic fertilizers, regular hoeing, allowing native grass to grow between the rows of vines, and late pruning are respectful of nature and are the keys to a healthy vineyard. Likewise, the strict limitation of yields by thinning out the grapes in the vineyard is a gauge of quality.

Typicity of My Production from the Slopes of Sancerre

My estate is mainly composed of typical soils of the hille of Sancerre :

    “Le Plateau”, primarily composed flint soil, is located on the western slope of Sancerre.
    “Le Manoir”, lclay and flint soil situated halfway up Sancerre’s southeast slope. 
    And Other small plots all around the hill of Sancerre Town.

Different soils delimited by the Sancerre geological fault   

"les terres blanches"
marnes limestome and clay

"les terres argilo-siliceuses"



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