From the Vine to the Wine  

I vinify my wines simply and naturally in the spirit of tradition and authenticity.
Therefore, the personality of my wines differs from year to year. My goal remains constant – the full expression of the Sauvignon Blanc grape with its wonderful aromas at the moment of harvest.

A winegrower's work is dictacted by the seasons

January to March : Pruning and burning of the canes

April to May : Folding the branches, debudding
June to July : Trellising the young branches

July to August : Treatments to protect the plants’ vegetative phase, thinning of grapes if necessary

End September to beginning October : Hand harvesting
December to January : Working the land, organic fertilizing. 

And the cellar activy is dedicated to wine elaboration 

End September to beginning October : Reception of the harvest   

September to December : fermentating process, vinification in oak barrels
(with stirring of the lees every 15 days)

January : Racking

March: Bottling - See the film





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